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Our Services BBL - BroadBand Light™

The fastest way to treat visible signs of aging, BBL, or BroadBand Light™, is the gold standard in treating skin conditions associated with aging, sun damage, and acne. This corrective phototherapy treatment utilizes pulses of light energy to gently heat the skin’s surface. This process induces the body’s natural healing process for improved elastin and collagen production—leaving you luminously glowing with continued improvement over time!

The Gold Standard of IPL Treatments

Louisiana Aesthetics & Skin Care offers Broadband Light (BBL® HERO™) filtered light therapy to diminish the signs of aging and provide a more even skin tone. BBL uses highly advanced cooling techniques to ensure treatments are not only safe and quick, but comfortable. Patients receiving BBL® HERO™ treatments can expect remarkable results in just 3 treatments, while less effective IPL technology often requires 5 to 6 treatments to show similar results. Benefits of BBL HERO include:

  • Comfortable
  • Amazing results
  • Little-to-no downtime
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BBL® HERO™ is the Next Generation of BBL Technology

During an initial consultation for a BBL® HERO™ treatment, your provider will personalize your treatment plan to meet your lifestyle needs and skin concerns.

There is little-to-no downtime associated with the BBL® HERO™ treatment, making it a popular choice for those looking for long-term results without sacrificing time for significant recovery away from their everyday activities.

Ask about BBL® HERO™ today. Your skin will love you for it!

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What is a Photofacial?

Photofacials, also called photorejuvenation, are multipurpose treatments that address the common effects of sun damage. Over time, sun exposure can cause considerable skin damage, in three main ways:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Vascular lesions
  • Lines and wrinkles
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Hyperpigmentation is marked by melanin spots on your face. Freckles are a common type of hyperpigmentation, and age spots (aka sunspots) are the most common form of hyperpigmentation as you age.

Vascular Lesions

Vascular lesions include spider veins, broken blood vessels, and even rosacea. Sun exposure can cause blood-vessel dilation and skin thinning, which makes vascular lesions more prominent. Sunlight is also one of the most common causes of rosacea flare-ups.

Lines and Wrinkles

Repeated sun exposure can deplete your body’s natural collagen and elastin, which are both crucial for skin support. The result is increased fine lines and deeper wrinkles that can age you quickly. A photofacial addresses all of these problems at one time, during short treatment sessions at the luxurious Louisiana Aesthetics and Skin Care facility.

Frequently Asked Questions About Photofacials

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