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With various types of scars and treatments, the process of scar treatment begins with analysis of a scar and the patient. By identifying the type of scar, our doctors can identify the treatment option, which will yield the best results over time. Examples of these treatments include derma fillers, sublative techniques, chemical peels, resurfacing, dermabrasion, injectable medication and surgical scar revision.

Can scars be removed?

In the past, scars were frustrating and highly challenging to treat, but today’s most advanced laser treatments can smooth away scars by working below your skin. Book your scar-removal appointment online or by calling the office today.

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What kind of scars do I have?

There are many different types of scars, including:

How does scar removal work?

The Icon laser targets scars in a couple of ways. If you have excess tissue, like with keloids and hypertrophic scars, the Icon laser targets that tissue to break it down. The excess tissue gradually dissipates through your normal healing process.

The Icon laser also heats the dermis, a deeper layer of skin, to start collagen and elastin modeling. The collagen and elastin are exactly what’s needed to fill in ice-pick, boxcar, and rolling scars. As the collagen and elastin keep growing over time, the formerly depressed areas grow smoother and tighter.

How many scar-removal treatments will I need?

It depends on how severe your scars are, but most scar-removal patients experience scar reduction within 3-7 treatments. Your Louisiana Aesthetics and Skin Care specialist will customize a scar-removal treatment just for your needs.

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